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Find an Urban Radio Station in your area with our complete guide to the top radio stations in the Urban Music Industry. Our Directory of Urban, Hip Hop, Rap and R&B Radio Stations was created to help you stay in tune with the ever evolving Radio Industry. If you are looking for the Call Letters, Stations, Channel and/or Website to a specific Urban Radio Station, this is one of the best places to look. Our urban radio station directory has radio stations in all markets listed in alphabetical order by citymaking it easy to find the best urban radio stations near you. We created this urban radio stations directory to be the most detailed list of urban radio stations in the music industry... however if you can't find the urban radio station your looking for let us know about it. We will update our database of Urban Radio Station as new stations are brought to our attention. So what are you waiting for? Find a Local Urban Radio Station now!

Urban Radio Stations | R&B Radio Stations, Rap Radio Stations, Hip Hop Radio Stations
Directory of Urban Radio Stations(Listed by city)...

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-Urban Radio Station Directory (Hip Hop, Rap and R&B)-

Urban/Urban AC WALR Atlanta, GA KISS 104.1
Urban/Urban AC WAMJ Atlanta, GA MAJIC 107.5
Urban/Urban AC WHTA Atlanta, GA HOT 107.9
Urban/Urban AC WVEE Atlanta, GA V‐103
Urban/Urban AC WAKB Augusta, GA MAGIC 100.9
Urban/Urban AC WFXA Augusta, GA FOXIE 103
Urban/Urban AC WIIZ Augusta, GA THE WIZ 97.9 FM
Urban/Urban AC WKSP Augusta, GA KISS 96.3
Urban/Urban AC WPRW Augusta, GA POWER 107
Urban/Urban AC WERQ Baltimore, MD 92Q JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WWIN Baltimore, MD MAGIC 95.9 FM
Urban/Urban AC KQXL Baton Rouge, LA Q106 DOT 5
Urban/Urban AC WEMX Baton Rouge, LA MAX 94.1
Urban/Urban AC KTCX Beaumont‐Port Arthur, TX MAGIC 102.5
Urban/Urban AC WBHJ Birmingham, AL 95.7 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WBHK Birmingham, AL 98.7 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC WUHT Birmingham, AL HOT 107.7
Urban/Urban AC WBLK Buffalo, NY 93.7 WBLK
Urban/Urban AC WIHB Charleston, SC 92‐5 THE BOX
Urban/Urban AC WMGL Charleston, SC MAGIC 107.3
Urban/Urban AC WWWZ Charleston, SC Z93 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WXST Charleston, SC STAR 99.7
Urban/Urban AC WBAV Charlotte, NC V101.9
Urban/Urban AC WPEG Charlotte, NC POWER 98 WPEG‐FM
Urban/Urban AC WQNC Charlotte, NC MY 92.7
Urban/Urban AC WJTT Chattanooga, TN POWER 94
Urban/Urban AC WMPZ Chattanooga, TN GROOVE 93
Urban/Urban AC WGCI Chicago, IL 107.5 WGCI
Urban/Urban AC WPWX Chicago, IL POWER 92
Urban/Urban AC WSRB Chicago, IL SOUL 106.3
Urban/Urban AC WVAZ Chicago, IL V‐103
Urban/Urban AC WIZF Cincinnati, OH 101.1 THE WIZ
Urban/Urban AC WMOJ Cincinnati, OH MOJO 100.3
Urban/Urban AC WENZ Cleveland, OH Z107.9
Urban/Urban AC WHXT Columbia, SC HOT 103.9
Urban/Urban AC WLXC Columbia, SC KISS 103.1 FM
Urban/Urban AC WWDM Columbia, SC THE BIG DM 101FM
Urban/Urban AC WXBT Columbia, SC 100.1 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WAGH Columbus, GA MAGIC 101.3
Urban/Urban AC WBFA Columbus, GA 98.3 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WFXE Columbus, GA FOXIE 105 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WXMG Columbus, OH MAGIC 98.9
Urban/Urban AC KNDA Corpus Christi, TX 102.9 DA BOMB
Urban/Urban AC KBFB Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX 97.9 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC KKDA Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX K104
Urban/Urban AC KRNB Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX KR&B 105.7 FM
Urban/Urban AC KSOC Dallas‐Ft. Worth, TX 94.5 K SOUL
Urban/Urban AC WROU Dayton, OH 92.1 WROU
Urban/Urban AC WDMK Detroit, MI 105.9 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC WGPR Detroit, MI 107.5 THE RHYTHM WGPR
Urban/Urban AC WHTD Detroit, MI HOT 102.7
Urban/Urban AC WJLB Detroit, MI WJLB FM 98
Urban/Urban AC WMXD Detroit, MI MIX 92.3
Urban/Urban AC WDZZ Flint, MI Z 92.7
Urban/Urban AC WJMH Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC 102‐JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WQMG Greensboro‐Winston Salem, NC 97.1 QMG
Urban/Urban AC WIKS Greenville‐New Bern, NC 101.9 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC WJMZ Greenville‐Spartanburg, SC 107.3 JAMZ!
Urban/Urban AC KBXX Houston‐Galveston, TX 97.9 THE BOX
Urban/Urban AC KMJQ Houston‐Galveston, TX MAJIC 102
Urban/Urban AC WEUP Huntsville, AL 103.1 FM WEUP
Urban/Urban AC WHRP Huntsville, AL 94.1 WHRP THE ADULT MIX
Urban/Urban AC WHHH Indianapolis, IN HOT 96.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC WTLC Indianapolis, IN WTLC 106.7
Urban/Urban AC WJMI Jackson, MS 99 JAMS
Urban/Urban AC WKXI Jackson, MS KIXIE 107 FM
Urban/Urban AC WRBJ Jackson, MS HOT 97.7
Urban/Urban AC WJBT Jacksonville, FL 93.3 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WSOL Jacksonville, FL V 101.5
Urban/Urban AC KMJK Kansas City, MO‐KS MAGIC 107.3
Urban/Urban AC KPRS Kansas City, MO‐KS HOT 103 JAMZ!
Urban/Urban AC KFXZ Lafayette, LA Z105.9
Urban/Urban AC KNEK Lafayette, LA MAGIC 104.7
Urban/Urban AC KRRQ Lafayette, LA Q 95.5 FM
Urban/Urban AC WQHH Lansing‐East Lansing, MI POWER 96.5 FM
Urban/Urban AC WBTF Lexington, KY 107.9 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC KIPR Little Rock, AR POWER 92
Urban/Urban AC KOKY Little Rock, AR KOKY 102.1 FM
Urban/Urban AC KZTS Little Rock, AR STREETS 101.1
Urban/Urban AC KDAY Los Angeles, CA 93.5 KDAY
Urban/Urban AC KHHT Los Angeles, CA HOT 92 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC KJLH Los Angeles, CA KJLH 102.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC WGZB Louisville, KY B96
Urban/Urban AC WMJM Louisville, KY MAGIC 101.3
Urban/Urban AC KJMS Memphis, TN V101.1
Urban/Urban AC WHRK Memphis, TN K97
Urban/Urban AC WRBO Memphis, TN SOUL CLASSICS 103.5
Urban/Urban AC WEDR Miami, FL 99 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WHQT Miami, FL HOT 105 FM
Urban/Urban AC WJMR Milwaukee, WI JAMMIN' 98.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC WKKV Milwaukee, WI V100
Urban/Urban AC WNOV Milwaukee, WI MAJIC 102.5
Urban/Urban AC WBLX Mobile, Al 93 BLX
Urban/Urban AC WDLT Mobile, Al 98.3 WDLT
Urban/Urban AC WJWZ Montgomery, AL 97.9 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WWMG Montgomery, AL MAGIC 97
Urban/Urban AC WZHT Montgomery, AL HOT 105
Urban/Urban AC WQQK Nashville, TN 92 Q
Urban/Urban AC WUBT Nashville, TN 101.1 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC MCRB Networks MUSIC CHOICE ‐ R&B SOUL
Urban/Urban AC MCRP Networks MUSIC CHOICE ‐ RAP
Urban/Urban AC SXHS Networks SIRIUS XM ‐ HEART & SOUL
Urban/Urban AC SXHT Networks SIRIUS XM ‐ THE HEAT
Urban/Urban AC KMEZ New Orleans, LA OLD SCHOOL 106.7
Urban/Urban AC WQUE New Orleans, LA Q93 FM
Urban/Urban AC WYLD New Orleans, LA WYLD FM98
Urban/Urban AC WBLS New York, NY 107.5 FM WBLS
Urban/Urban AC WRKS New York, NY KISS 98.7
Urban/Urban AC WWPR New York, NY POWER 105.1
Urban/Urban AC WKUS Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA 92.1 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC WOWI Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA WOWI 103 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WVKL Norfolk‐Virginia Beach, VA 95.7 R&B
Urban/Urban AC KVSP Oklahoma City, OK POWER 103.5
Urban/Urban AC WCFB Orlando, FL STAR 94.5
Urban/Urban AC WJHM Orlando, FL 102 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WDAS Philadelphia, PA WDAS 105.3 FM
Urban/Urban AC WPHI Philadelphia, PA 100.3 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WRNB Philadelphia, PA 107.9 WRNB
Urban/Urban AC WUSL Philadelphia, PA POWER 99 FM
Urban/Urban AC KAJM Phoenix, AZ MEGA 104.3
Urban/Urban AC KNRJ Phoenix, AZ 92.7 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WFXC Raleigh‐Durham, NC FOXY 107.1
Urban/Urban AC WQOK Raleigh‐Durham, NC K97.5
Urban/Urban AC WZFX Raleigh‐Durham, NC FOXY 99 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WBTJ Richmond, VA 106.5 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WCDX Richmond, VA IPOWER 92.1 FM
Urban/Urban AC WKJS Richmond, VA 105.7 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC WVBE‐AM Roanoke‐Lynchburg, VA VIBE 100FM
Urban/Urban AC WDKX Rochester, NY 104 WDKX
Urban/Urban AC KHYL Sacramento, CA V101.1
Urban/Urban AC WTLZ Saginaw‐Bay City‐Midland, MI HOT 107
Urban/Urban AC KBLX San Francisco, CA THE QUIET STORM
Urban/Urban AC KISQ San Francisco, CA 98.1 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC KMEL San Francisco, CA KMEL JAMS 106.1
Urban/Urban AC WEAS Savannah, GA E‐93 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC WLVH Savannah, GA LOVE 101.1
Urban/Urban AC WQBT Savannah, GA 94.1 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WTYB Savannah, GA MAGIC 103.9
Urban/Urban AC KBTT Shreveport, LA 103.7FM THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC KDKS Shreveport, LA KDKS 102.1
Urban/Urban AC KMJJ Shreveport, LA 99.7 JAMZ
Urban/Urban AC KVMA Shreveport, LA MAGIC 102.9
Urban/Urban AC KMJM St. Louis, MO MAJIC 105
Urban/Urban AC WFUN St. Louis, MO FOXY 95.5
Urban/Urban AC WHHL St. Louis, MO HOT 104.1
Urban/Urban AC WPHR Syracuse, NY POWER 106.9
Urban/Urban AC WBTP Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL 95.7 THE BEAT
Urban/Urban AC WTMP‐AM Tampa‐St. Petersburg, FL RHYTHM OF THE BAY
Urban/Urban AC WIMX Toledo, OH WIMX MIX 95.7
Urban/Urban AC WJUC Toledo, OH THE JUICE
Urban/Urban AC WJZE Toledo, OH HOT 97.3
Urban/Urban AC KJMM Tulsa, OK KJAMZ 105.3
Urban/Urban AC WHUR Washington, DC WHUR 96.3
Urban/Urban AC WKYS Washington, DC 93.9 KISS FM
Urban/Urban AC WMMJ Washington, DC MAJIC 102.3
Urban/Urban AC WPGC Washington, DC WPGC JAMS 95.5 FM
Urban/Urban AC WFLM West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL 104.7 WFLM THE FLAME
Urban/Urban AC WNEW West Palm Beach‐Boca Raton, FL B‐106.3
Urban/Urban AC WJKS Wilmington, DE KISS 101.7 FM
Urban/Urban AC WRBP Youngstown, OH 101.9 JAMZ

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